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Know a little more about us


Synter is a Catarinense Company with 26 years of history and,
from the beginning opted for the focus on the transformation of stainless steel,
a durable, durable and environmentally friendly raw material that gives
origin of handles, hinges and locks with long useful life,
quality assurance and easy maintenance.

These products make the best use of
and strictly follow the standards of Brazilian standards.
always be present in the various stages of the life of their
consumers, offering the best hardware solution
and locks.


Deliver products with durability, safety, innovation and technology.


To be a reference in security solutions for civil (residential) construction throughout the national territory as a brand with high credibility and constantly evolving.


Ethics: Commitment to the quality and delivery of your products. Having respect and seriousness in the relationship with its suppliers and customers.

Safety: Commitment to the manufacture of products with high resistance and safety.

Innovation: Investment in technology and production processes to develop differentiated products with greater strength, security and practicality.

Human resources: Valuing human capital and preserving talents, aiming at improving the quality of life of employees, and thus promoting synergy in the work environment.

Sustainability: Contribution to sustainable development using techniques and processes that preserve the environment.